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If they think it’s meant to be a secret, or they do not understand how to get help, most people will suffer silently and unnecessarily from substance addiction. Addicts often attempt to stop by using their strength of will alone, but drug abuse isn’t a disease that may be conquered with willpower. There are local recovery centers that employ highly skilled dependency experts who have experience treating substance addiction compassionately and effectively, using scientifically-proven treatment methods. Contrary to common belief, dependency is an illness.

But if substance dependency isn’t a choice, what is it? Substance abuse disorder (often referred to as substance addiction, drug abuse, or dependency) is believed to be a long-term sickness by scientists and therapists, and as such it has to be managed and monitored, however never ‘cured.’ Many different sicknesses, like hypertension and diabetes, cannot be cured which is similar to dependency because, while people do not consciously decide to have those illnesses, they often don’t exercise or choose wholesome foods.

Our Mission is to Provide Quality Care and Placement for Those Seeking Addiction Recovery.

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