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Against scientific and medical evidence, a lot of people still wrongly think that drug addiction is a personality defect or weakness. Psychological and medical doctors consider drug addiction to be a disorder, and refer to it as substance abuse disorder, which encompasses all abuse of drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse disorders are thought to be life-long illnesses (like asthma, diabetes, and hypertension) that may never be ‘cured,’ however will have to be managed and monitored. For instance, a diabetic learns from their physician the way to control their insulin level in the same way an addict learns from their treatment team how to resist temptation and relapse. Certified team of workers employed at most recovery facilities in Colorado help people defeat their dependency correctly and effectively.

Recovery cannot be achieved by oneself, and it takes a group of professionals to support addicts during the recovery process. Recovery experts comprise a recovery team that helps addicts manage their way to sobriety. There are specially trained individuals, frequently addicts in recovery themselves, who are licensed and certified to assist addicts conquer drug abuse. Several Colorado centers employ other specialists on the recovery team including social workers, therapists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists. The recovery team is responsible for various aspects of recovery, like evaluation, medical care, therapy, education, lifestyle coaching, drug and alcohol testing, relapse prevention training, orientation into self-help and support groups, treatment of mental disorders and emotional problems, family education and therapy, and aftercare programs.

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